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The fitting toothpaste for everybody

Brushing teeth is an essential part of good oral hygiene and dental care. Regular tooth brushing keeps bacteria at bay and prevents plaque. The best prophylaxis against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

As with skin care, the needs regarding your oral care are individual and choosing the right toothpaste is important to care for your teeth well and to counteract individual problems. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, you should use a toothpaste that mineralizes your enamel.

Whitening toothpaste

Do you want to whiten your teeth a little or preserve the whiteness of your teeth? In this case we recommend a whitening toothpaste. Modern whitening toothpastes do not attack the enamel. With all the toothpastes you can find at the smilestore, you can be sure that the whitening procedure is gentle on the teeth. Natural ingredients such as activated carbon, silicon or enzymes from fruits such as papaya, pineapple and fig gently dissolve the discolorations. Other ingredients help to protect your teeth and gums.

Sensitive teeth

If hot, cold, sweet or sour food and drinks cause your teeth to hurt, you probably have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are a symptom of exposed tooth necks, triggered by gum recession, e.g. due to insufficiently treated gum inflammation or enamel wear off.

The pain caused by sensitive teeth can be treated with proper care and toothpaste. A remineralizing toothpaste is the right choice. They contain active ingredients such as potassium salt or hydroxyapatite. Potassium salt relieves the symptoms at first application and hydroxyapatite is able to restore damaged enamel.

Toothpaste for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Every woman who has had a baby knows that the body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation can also affect oral health. We have a separate blog post on this topic. 

Toothpastes with or without fluoride, specially developed for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers contain active ingredients such as aloe vera, tannins or amino acids, which address the specific oral hygiene requirements during pregnancy and lactation.

Toothpaste for healthy gums

Gum diseases should not be taken lightly, as they can develop into periodontitis, which in the worst case can lead to tooth loss. Sensitive gums should therefore be treated with special care substances. If the gums are reddened, swollen and bleeding, it is usually too late and the dentist should be consulted. But it doesn't have to get that far. With the right toothpaste and the right mouthwash you can prevent gum disease.

Toothpaste for diabetics

Did you know that diabetics develop gum disease twice as often? This is because the increased level of glucose in the oral cavity can promote the growth of bacteria. To prevent this, diabetics can brush with a toothpaste designed specifically for them. It prevents bone loss and reduces the formation of plaque. Dry mouth is also alleviated, a problem that can also cause problems with teeth.

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