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Climate protection & sustainability

Climate protection

CO2 savings with DHL GoGreen

Our DHL parcels and DHL packages are shipped throughout Germany 100% climate neutral. The greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping are offset by worldwide projects of DHL..



Waste disposal • Global Location Number(GLN) 9008392296156

We are connected to the dual disposal network via the company Landbell - Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Kreislaufwirtschaft mbH. This means that the responsibility of the costs for waste disposal lies with us, who pack your goods ready for dispatch. Since we as a mail order company cannot take care of the disposal of individual packages, there are the Dual Systems.

Landbell Verpackungsentsorgnung

There are currently eight providers licensed as dual systems in Germany. They act as intermediaries between retailers and end customers and ensure that the packaging is returned to the resource cycle. The packaging can be disposed of free of charge by all end customers at the appropriate collection points. Paper in the paper garbage can, plastics in the yellow bag and glass in the used glass container. Since this system exists in parallel with conventional household waste disposal, it is called the Dual System. The costs of disposal are borne by the retailers, which are distributed among all participants by means of a levy.




Our packages are filled with void fill made from 100% recycled polystyrene, without flame retardants. These are reusable and can be completely degraded by natural microorganisms within 60 days. The additives do not contain critical limits set by the EU dangerous substances/preparation directives and are not hazardous to health.


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