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Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa

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  • NBF-01
  • nano-cure
  • 8809130161184
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NBF Gingival Gel Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral...
Content 0.03 kilogram (€565.00 * / 1 kilogram)
€16.95 *
Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa   This gel and technology are... more
Product information "Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa"

Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa


This gel and technology are developed by NanoCureTech Institute (Institute for Nano-Bio Fusion Technology), which has formed in 2007.


Currently this institute is holder of several world patents, because of its innova-tive medical and cosmetic products, among them the NBF GINGIVAL GEL, and proudly we can say that we are one of the leading centers in this field in the world.


In its content the gel contains, patented and for the first time introduced high bio-compatible NANO-EMULSION from Sodium ascorbyl phosphate and Magnesi-um ascorbyl phosphate, or in other words stabile and active NANO-GEL Vitamin C, Propolis extract, NANO Vitamin E and etc.


Due to its NANO-COMPLEX NATURE, when NBF GINGIVAL GEL is applied on the gingiva, palate and oral mucosa, it is directly and rapidly absorbed in them on the cell level, and then stays on the gingiva and mucusa by usage of nano-bi-oactive protective film.


NBF Ginigval Gel which contains nano-emulsion:

    • Provides additional (extra) protection on gingiva and oral mucosa.


    • Helps with acids neutralization, which are product by acidogenic bacteria in the saliva and in the oral cavity.


    • Vitamins C and E are well known materias with significant anti-oxidants proper-ties.


    • Propolis is materia which helps in protection (prevention) to the mucosa and from the attact and action of bacterias, viruses, as well it callms the effects from them. 

NBF Gingival Gel is used in prevention and protection of the palate and mucosa in case of:

    • Protection from gingival diseases, gingivitis and periodontal disease, dental plaque and in case of halitosis (unpleasant mouth odors).


    • For protection after periodontal dental treatment as scaling and root planing, curettage of paradontal pocket, flap surgery, after laser treatment on the oral mucosa and gingiva, and in case of wounds/ burnings after laser applications, after treatment of periodontal abscess and etc.


    • To offer protection to patients who suffer from ulceration on the oral cavity, aphthas, erosions, xerostomia (dry mouth), white lesions on the mucosa, wounds that are poorly healing, wounds caused by prosthesis (decubitus) or in any other traumas or in case of any other wounds/injuries/lesions on any other part of the oral mucosa (tongue, palate, cheek). 


    • It  may  be  use  for  protection  of  wounds/injury  on  gingiva  after  preparation  of teeth for fixed prosthesis (bridges, crowns).


    • For protection during orthodontic treatment (with fixed orthodontic devices).


    • Also, for protection after application of ligatures to patients with jaw bone frac-tures, as well as after any surgery (wounds) in the oral/mouth region: after biop-syes, cysts removal, ranules, other pathologic lesions. 


    • It is particularly useful for mucosa protection after tumor-radiation or hemother-apy (mucositis).


    • With patients that have high risk for gingivitis and peridontal disaese.


    • With patients that might have oral mucosa and gingival hypersensitiveness or intolerance to some components that toothpastas contends – as an example Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


    • With patients with dry, chapped lips, or precisely to patients with cheilitis – lips inflammation.


    • Protection after dental interventions as: teeth extraction, alveolitis, after im-plants placement, perimplantitis, apicotomies, sinus grafts, impacted and half-impacted teeth, torus removal and other pre-prosthesis interventions and simi-lar.


    • With patients who have special needs.

NBF Gingival Gel how to use:

    • NBF GINGIVAL GEL must be applied on gingival or mucosa in condition without any saliva.


    • So please remove all saliva from gingival or mucosa as far as it is possible, us-ing gauze or cotton, before you apply the gel.


    • How much longer the gel affect gingival or oral mucosa, or how longer you put it to react, the result will be much efficient.


    • Before you apply NBF GINGIVAL GEL on gingiva or mucosa, it is necessary to wipe out all saliva (or as much as you can) from the place/area in the mouth, where gel shall be applied.


    • Apply appropriate amount of NBF GINGIVAL GEL, or approximately the amount that will be enough to cover all the area of application, with tiny equal coat.


    • The gel shall be applied by usage of clean, dry finger or cotton ear swabs.


    • Leave the gel to react minimum for 3 minutes, and make sure that you idle as much as you can in order to provide efficient absorption of the gel on the area of application.


    • If it is necessary, or if you need higher degree of absorbtion, after it you can massage gingiva with your finger or with a cotton swab.


    • Wash Your mouth with water, or simply leave (which is even better) NBF GIN-GIVAL GEL on gingival or mucosa.


    • Apply the gel 3-4 times daily in regular intervals (for maximum results we rec-ommend NBF GINGIVAL GEL to be applied for 5-7 times daily).


    • The gel may be applied on a dry toothbrush in suitable amount and gingiva to be brushed two times a day for 3-4 minutes.

Also, the gel – for example, for halitosis protection or in case of bigger ul-cers/wounds in the mouth, can be use in a way that small amount of it is dis-solved with a glass of 10-30mL natrii chloride infundibile (recommended) or sim-ply a glass of drinking water with toothpick, and with that solution the mouth is washed and chewed for about 30 seconds, after which the solution is spit out.




The gel shouldn’t be swallowed. When applied to children under 6 years, paren-tal supervisor is necessary 


NBF Gingval Gel Ingredients:

    • Deionized Water, D-Sorbitol, Glycerin, Polyethylenglycol, Xylotol, Sodium Sac-charin, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Vitamin E,Vitamine C,Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Propolis Extract, Chitoolygosac-charide, Triclosan, Peppermint Oil, L-Menthol, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Silicon dioxide.

NBF gum healing Gel storage:

    • Store it on room temperature, on dry place, hidden from direct sun light (from 8°C to 25 °C).


    • Store it in a place unreachable for children. 

Expire date: 3 years after production date insert in the tube (without any difference if the tube has been open or not).


Packing: 30 grams (26.25 mL).


Note: Nano-emulsion gingival gel is developed by NanoCureTech Institute.


NBF GINGIVAL GEL® is registrated as a trade mark of NanoCureTech Institute, which is legal owner of all its patents in the world. 





NBF Gingival Gel - made in Korea




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Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, the requirements for dental care may also change.
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properties "Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa"
EAN: 8809130161184
By Ingredients: without chlorhexidine, without Triclosan, without SLS, without alcohol
PZN: 10330626
Dental Care Application: Gum gel
Condition: new

Inhaltsstoffe: Aqua, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Propolis Extract (Nano), PEG-1500, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Menthol, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol Acetate, Mentha Piperita Oil, Steviol Glycoside, Methylparaben, Maltodextrin, Xylotol
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Customer evaluation for "Gum gel for protection and healing of the oral mucosa"
25 Oct 2023

Hilft eigentlich relativ schnell bei Beschwerden im Mund.

9 Oct 2023

Hilfreich bei Zahnfleischproblemen

16 Mar 2023

Gesamt Beschreibung des Produkts . Sehr verständlich .

Habe es verwendet für Nachbehandlung bei Zahnfleischentzündung .

2 Feb 2023

Beruhigt und wirk gegen Entzündungen.

9 Sep 2022

Ich bin so happy

Ich kann euch dieses Gel nur ans Herz legen! Mein Zahnfleisch war hinten am Backenzahn entzündet und das NBF-Gel hat sofort den Schmerz gelindert und nach 2 Tagen anwendung war die Entzündung wieder weg.

22 Aug 2022

Fördert die Heilung nach Zahnextraktion

Stolzer Preis daher ein Stern abzug die Lieferung erfolgte schnell und über DHL. Nach der Extraktion eines Backenzahns rechts unten wurde das Gel auf die nach 3 Tagen geschlossene Wunde nach dem Zähneputzen abends und morgens aufgetragen. Es leistete einen Beitrag zur schnelleren Abheilung und Schmerzbefreiung auch des umliegenden Zahnfleisches. Es war wirksamer als die med. Zahnpaste.

1 Jul 2022

Hilft super gegen Aften!

27 Jan 2022

Gutes Produkt.

Produkt hält was es verspricht. Sehr gut bei Zahnfleischentzündung.

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