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Megasonex – Emmident test report by Ute Fischer

" This post was written by our customer Ute Fischer. 

For many years I thought that my Emmi ultrasonic toothbrush was the optimal care system for my teeth. Actually, every year at my dentist check-up, I expected people to compliment me on my dental care. I was disappointed to note that terms like tartar and plaque were mentioned at all; Of course, this is also a reason for recommending professional teeth cleaning. Because it was always so unpleasant, I quickly decided to do a comparison test with the Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush (Mega) toothbrush. For both, ultrasound breaks up the bacterial chains and their fragments are then easy to remove.

The first impression...

...it's good: you don't need any special toothpaste, like with the Emmi Dent ultrasonic toothbrush. They are only available in pharmacies for just under five euros and always have to be ordered first. Attaching the brush head to the Mega is easier using a locking ring. With my previous one, the brush part is attached to two fine nipples, which get dirty over time and need to be cleaned regularly. The counterpart with the brush head, a kind of plastic shoe, also often wears out, so that the contact is interrupted and you have to move ahead of time - Usually three months - you have to buy a new brush attachment (around eight euros). The Mega's brush (around five euros) should be changed after two months.

Brushing your teeth with the Mega is a little different, but leaves a more intense feeling of effectiveness. With the Emmi, the brush head is held against the tooth without any movement. With the Mega, the brush head is moved over the tooth in small circular movements. This gives the impression of better cleaning even in the gaps. But that is subjective. At this point at the latest, the different speeds come into discussion. While the Emmi only emits ultrasound with a continuous tone, the Mega can be set to three speeds. Ultrasound is possible at 1.6 MHz alone, as with my Emmi, but also two additional sound vibrations with 18,000 movements and 9,000 movements per minute. These two sound vibrations create the objective cleaning feeling on the teeth. In fact, my teeth feel smoother after four days of use. There's nothing wrong with the color. I could use a special whitening paste with the Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush, which Emmi doesn't.

Let's talk about design.

The Mega is slimmer, almost graceful, making it a little more hand-friendly and lighter (89/104 grams); but that too is subjective. Anyone who prefers to have a thicker handle in their hand or has rheumatic fingers is better off with the Emmi. The purchase price of both toothbrushes is between 100 and 160 euros, depending on which luxury or economy version you choose from Emmi.

The dentist check

I was eagerly awaiting October 6th to see my dentist for my annual check-up. No tartar. For the first time in many years. He didn't discover a shred of tartar. The annual agonizing recommendation for professional teeth cleaning was also not given this time. The term was not used at all. With this finding I peaked my husband's interest again for the first time, who canceled the first Megasonex test run quite quickly and continued to swear by Emmi. Like every year, he had tartar on his lower chewing row.

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