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Ultrasound toothbrush test

 Our toothbrush is one of the most important utensils in our everyday life. We need it several times a day and it is responsible for a significant part of our health. Oral hygiene affects our entire organism, because our mouth is the gateway to our entire body. This makes it all the more important that we get along well with our toothbrush. Does it fit comfortably in the hand, is the thickness of the bristles comfortable for teeth and gums and is the brush head the right size to reach the molars easily? And crucially, of course, should it be a manual or an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes support brushing performance by moving the bristles and many people get along better with them. But even the “electric toothbrush” decision isn’t enough. You can choose from numerous models. To provide guidance, PRISMA magazine tested five electric toothbrushes in issue 32/2017, including theUltrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8.

Electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrush or ultrasonic toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes offer the advantage that brushing is supported by vibrating movements of the bristles, making it more effective. In simple electric toothbrushes, the vibrations are generated by a motor; in sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes, they are generated by an electric sound transducer.  While the brush head rotates with a simple electric toothbrush, with a sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush it oscillates, and does so very quickly. The sonic toothbrush also does not clean with sound waves, but also through the movement of the bristles. With the ultrasonic toothbrush, ultrasonic waves are added. But more on that later.

Compared to simple electric toothbrushes, sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes can clean more thoroughly. The high frequency of the bristle movements also encourages you to use less pressure. Since the simple, electric toothbrush works with rotating movements and a brush head that completely encloses the tooth, it cannot be ruled out that the tooth enamel can be affected if you press too hard. Unfortunately, using the wrong brushing technique can also damage your teeth.


PRISMA Magazine has tested electric toothbrushes, including the Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush.available online.

Advantages of the ultrasonic toothbrush

The special thing about the ultrasonic toothbrush is, as the name suggests, that it cleans teeth with ultrasound. This is the main function of the toothbrush, the vibration of the bristles is, so to speak, on top and you get a combination device of sound and ultrasonic toothbrush. The ultrasound breaks the bacterial chains on the teeth, and the vibration of the bristles then helps brush away the plaque. If you have very sensitive gums or simply don't like the vibration, you can turn them off. The Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush has a vibration-free mode in which only the ultrasound is active. You can't feel it because the frequency is so high that it can't be perceived by the human ear. But it is still active and effective.

The Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush works with the most modern medical ultrasound, which is also used, for example, to treat bone fractures and for ultrasound examinations on pregnant women. It is generated by a Piezo Crystal at the tip of the toothbrush, directly under the brush head. The crystal generates constant ultrasonic waves of 96 million pulses per minute. At the push of a button you can choose between 18,000 or 9,000 vibrations per minute or switch off the vibration completely.

The Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush can be further customized using the brush heads. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between the hardness levels soft or medium choose. The toothbrush is also suitable for tongue cleaning. A special attachment enables the thorough but gentle removal of the bacterial plaque on the tongue.

Dentist recommends ultrasonic toothbrush

Dr. Alexa von Gienanth from the Dental Center Düsseldorf also recommends the use of an ultrasonic toothbrush in the doctor column in PRISMA magazine:

We recommend [...] among other things an ultrasonic toothbrush that cleans teeth and gums not through mechanical movements, but through ultrasound. This method of cleaning teeth is gentle on the gums and effectively removes bacteria and deposits.

You can find the column in issue 32/2017 or online at PRISMA Magazine website

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