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Bleaching or teeth whitening

Most people want white teeth and the reason is very simple: white teeth look very nice and it's fun to show them off. Not everyone is naturally blessed with light tooth color, or over time their teeth become discolored due to the consumption of certain foods or beverages, etc. such as tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine. Certain medications can also discolor your teeth. But you don't have to accept that. Aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dental treatments and products can help. A distinction is made between teeth whitening, simply called bleaching, and cosmetic teeth whitening. Since the difference is rarely known, we will explain to you below what bleaching and teeth whitening are.

Bleaching (teeth whitening)

The term bleaching is common and is generally used for all procedures that make teeth brighter. This is not entirely correct, because bleaching is only done at the dentist or prepared at the dentist if it is home bleaching. Bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which actually bleaches the tooth. When bleaching in the dental practice (“in-office bleaching”), a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide is used, up to 40% depending on the procedure. With this high concentration, the gums must be covered for protection and an examination must be carried out in advance to ensure that there is no caries. Due to the high concentration of peroxide and the additional activation with LED light, the most intensive results are achieved with in-office bleaching. However, side effects cannot be ruled out. These are mainly cold-warm sensitivities, which go away after a few days but can be very painful. If you want to avoid this, you should look for a dental practice that offers in-office treatmentPrevDent CrWR work. This bleaching treatment uses 6% H2O2 and works in conjunction with nano-sized hydroxyapatite. Our tooth enamel is largely made up of this mineral and by adding it, the special bleaching foam has a remineralizing and enamel-repairing effect. Even with this low concentration of H2O2, the teeth are effectively bleached, but the tooth is additionally strengthened and side effects are virtually impossible.


For home bleaching, the dentist will make thin plastic trays for you that are individually tailored to your teeth and into which you can insert peroxide gel yourself at home. You then wear these trays either for one to two hours in the evening or overnight. The duration of treatment is usually two weeks.

Since the tooth is actually bleached during both in-office bleaching and home bleaching, the results can last for several years. This depends on your consumption and cleaning behavior. The more coloring stimulants come into contact with the teeth, for example smokers or moderate dental care, the faster the whitening will fade.

Teeth whitening

If you have your teeth whitened in a studio, you have the advantage that the treatment is completed after just one to two hours. For teeth whitening at home, whether with whitening strips or a kit with whitening gel and tray, you need to plan at least a week. In our Studio in Essen Rüttenscheid we offer different treatments. Our gel whitens your teeth with active oxygen. We do not bleach your teeth, but rather remove discoloration from the tooth surface to restore your natural tooth color. Our Supreme treatment offers you maximum whitening, in which the gel works three times for 20 minutes. The longer the gel works, the more likely it is that we will achieve your lightest natural tooth color. Another plus is the excellent advice you get in our studio. You will be explained exactly what we do, what kind of results can be achieved and how you can optimally care for your radiant smile so that you can enjoy it for a long time. To get a clear idea of ​​what a visit to us is like, you can watch the video below. And if you don't live near us, you can either use one of our great products at home or we can look together to see if one of our partner studios can be found in your area.

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